What is Order Flow Trading and How to Profit

Order flow is a concept in trading which many claim to understand. Few really do. The order flow of markets is what truly causes price to move.

Order flow can be applied to many aspects of financial markets. There is stop hunting, market microstructure, tape reading, technical analysis patterns and many more. One phenomenon drives these – order flow of markets.
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How To Use Forex Factory – Ultimate Guide to Improve Your Trading

Most of us traders know what Forex Factory is, but do we know how to use it to improve?

Forex Factory is a goldmine of information and resources. It’s the largest trading forum out there.

However, there is a lot of subpar information to wade through. I’m going to help you use it to your benefit. This article will give you multiple ideas on how to use Forex Factory and ultimately improve your trading.
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How to Avoid Missing Trades to Increase Profits

Missing trades can be incredibly detrimental to your bottom line. It’s costing you big, we need to fix it. The amount of times we’ve said ‘I knew I should’ve taken that’ or ‘why didn’t I see that setup, I should be in it’. This is a very real issue for a lot of traders.


Missing trades manifests in numerous ways. Multiple causes lead to missed trades. Once past this hurdle, we can begin to increase profits and the efficacy of our trading.
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Trend Trading vs Mean Reversion Trading – Which is better?

You often hear traders quarreling about trend trading vs mean reversion trading. I’m going to help settle the dispute. The two trading styles are often pitted against each other, with no consideration of finer details. Read on for those finer details.
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Are Candlestick Charts Useless?

I’ve heard many traders state that time-based candlestick charts are useless. ‘Why does a 30min chart have more significance than a 45min chart’, for example. ‘You should use tick-base charts to filter the noise’, and so on.
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Why Trading and Poker Are The Same

Trading and Poker are the same? Not on the surface, but they have very similar dynamics.

You’re telling us that to be good at trading, you must be good at poker? Well, if you put it in that way, no. However, there are similarities; I will share those with you now. Read on..

Are YOU A Market Atheist?


That word that has come to be so divisive and annoying. Shoved down our throats over the last 2 years, it’s become somewhat of a battleground between Remain and Leave voters.

Who remembers what the price of GBPUSD was before the referendum? It was about 1.40/45 for a while. Some time after, it had ticked down to $1.20. Read on..

Why ‘The Trend is Your Friend’ Isn’t Always True – Trend Trading – (Guestpost on DavidBelleFX.com)

‘The trend is your friend’.

You’ve heard this before, haven’t you? You just need to start trend trading! Your broker, your guru, your moving average, Babypips, even your parents are telling you – just go with the trend!

Is it really that easy? Is this the forex trading holy grail?

We are going to find out.

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How To Change All Chart Timeframes on MT4

I often have my charts in a tiled view on MT4 – it allows me to look at 15 markets at a glance and see what’s happening in my markets. Now I’ve found a way to change all chart timeframes, on every single market, at once. Read on..

The Forex Market Random Walk

Building on concepts from a previous article on the risk-reward relation in trading and how it corresponds to winrate, I’d like to explain with some concrete maths behind it – the forex market random walk. Read on..