How To Change All Chart Timeframes on MT4

I often have my charts in a tiled view on MT4 – it allows me to look at 15 markets at a glance and see what’s happening in my markets. Now I’ve found a way to change all chart timeframes, on every single market, at once. Read on..

The Forex Market Random Walk

Building on concepts from a previous article on the risk-reward relation in trading and how it corresponds to winrate, I’d like to explain with some concrete maths behind it – the forex market random walk. Read on..

The Problem With Day Trading

To the layman, day trading is something exciting and mysterious. The flashing screen and fast money, the pit traders shouting. What is it that people like about day trading? Read on..

Top 7 Trading Resources: Learn How To Trade

A very common question I’m asked is: ‘What are your favourite trading books and resources to learn?’. I’m going to reveal my top 7 trading resources.
Read on..

‘Let Your Winners Run’: A Fallacy

Letting your winners run is another misconception that holds many traders back.

It is preached and pontificated as the ultimate fix to your trading. The people who say this, as if it were some magic potion, usually have no idea how or why you trade.

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