How To Change All Chart Timeframes on MT4

I often have my charts in a tiled view on MT4 – it allows me to look at 15 markets at a glance and see what’s happening in my markets. Now I’ve found a way to change all chart timeframes, on every single market, at once.

Often when you are looking at markets at a glance, or in the morning when you are flicking through your charts, you may want to do this in systematic order. I know I do.

If you like to have all chart timeframes on daily, so that you can see the previous days action, it’s nice to be able to do so at a single click. This is a huge time saver for me – in fact I don’t know why I didn’t look into it sooner.

Now I have the ability to change all chart timeframes very quickly! To do the same, just follow these instructions:

Step 1: Download these files – MT4 Tools

(these files are not mine, I found them on forexfactory and edited the code. I adjusted the settings to different timeframes so that it is easier to install and use)

Step 2: Open Data Folder:

Step 3: Go to ‘scripts’:

Step 4: Drop files into scripts.

Step 5: Restart MT4

Step 6: ‘Set hotkey’ – I went with H, D and W.

Step 7: Press CTRL-D, followed by ENTER, all of your charts will change.

The end

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