FX Week In Review 23-27/03/20

A relatively successful week in fx markets for me. We started on the back foot taking a few losses, but more than made up for it on Thursday and Friday. +3.72R for the week. Let me know in the comments if you enjoy these Outlooks and Roundups and I’ll try to keep doing them!

GBPCAD D1 Short -0.58R

This trade was spoken about in this article, I was looking for a large move to take the other side of the weekly range. In hindsight I think my target may have been too aggressive, as we had a large daily and possibly weekly level at 1.6554 which we bounced off of perfectly.

CADCHF H4 Long -0.81R

This trade was an aggressive entry at half risk into a weekly bias I had/have. I exited near the low when my entry level flipped and became resistance, then we closed at a new low. We haven’t really gone anywhere from my original entry level. I’m still looking for longs if we get a break and retest of the blue area.

Gold H1 Short +0.57R

This trade was a beauty. Lovely level past ATR on the day. Not much more to be said.

AUDUSD H1 Short -1R

Very annoying trade. I was initially looking to get long, however, my entry missed by a pip and we bounced, but we bounced into a little level just above my entry. If we’re bouncing long from a level that big and can’t lift off past that little level above, I don’t want it when it comes back.

The day then closed as a shooting star false break through the level and off the red weekly low. I got short off the blue zone and stopped for -1R not too long after.

USDCAD H1 Short +2.64R

Short from the red arrow. Played it down to the white dotted level which was just past ATR.

USDCAD H1 Long +1.28R

As I got out of my short trade above I cut/reversed long into this level past ATR. My target was the little level above just above, which was filled on the next candle. Lovely trade.

NZDUSD H1 Long +1.62R

A nice finisher for the week on Friday. Big blue zone and acceptance above. I exited this trade at the upper white line due to it being 4pm on a Friday, no way am I holding over the weekend during these market conditions.

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  1. Good read that Charlie.

    You should post an article on level to level trading, would be interesting.

    On the trades above are you placing limits or watching and getting in at market?


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