Tools I Use

These are the tools I use in my trading and investing to be effective and streamlined.

Charts:    SierraChart for futures charting 

                  Metatrader 4 for spot forex

                  Tradingview for stocks and crypto 

Execution: SierraChart & Broker Platform. Sierra Chart has a remarkably simple Depth of Market and has attached bracket orders to make it easy to input and cancel orders quickly.

Squawk: Free squawk from FinancialJuice as I don’t trade figures. The head’s up before key news is useful, as well as for unscheduled news on the fly.

News Feed: Twitter news list. FinancialJuice has a built in feed if you don’t want the distraction of twitter.

Journalling: Edgewonk / Evernote. I use Edgewonk for the number based statistics. Evernote is a good place to keep annotated screenshots and written notes.

Website:  (link gives £5 bonus) with plugin.

Browser: Google Chrome with AdBlock and Hoverzoom+ (Essential Tool for quick zooming on images)

Sizing: Babypips Position Size Tool