Crude Oil – Chart of the Day: 3rd May 2018

Crude Oil is the main focus going into 3rd May. There is some interesting structure at play in this market, as outlined on the chart.


a chart showing crude oil

Dax – Chart of the Day: 2nd May 2018

One of the most interesting charts out there at the minute – Dax is below a big area on the hourly chart. A good play would be to look for longs at the 12480 area in preparation for a probe of 12650 liquidity.

If the lower level isn’t tagged before we take the highs, it will be worth looking for longs off of 12650 as we explore to new areas of value. I will only be looking for longs there if we accept above – meaning we spend time above there and don’t immediately fall back into the range.


A chart showing the Dax and a trading setup on it

How to Avoid Missing Trades to Increase Profits

Missing trades can be incredibly detrimental to your bottom line. It’s costing you big, we need to fix it. The amount of times we’ve said ‘I knew I should’ve taken that’ or ‘why didn’t I see that setup, I should be in it’. This is a very real issue for a lot of traders.


Missing trades manifests in numerous ways. Multiple causes lead to missed trades. Once past this hurdle, we can begin to increase profits and the efficacy of our trading.
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Top 7 Trading Resources: Learn How To Trade

A very common question I’m asked is: ‘What are your favourite trading books and resources to learn?’. I’m going to reveal my top 7 trading resources.
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