Tools I Use In My Trading

These are the tools I use in my trading and investing to be effective and streamlined.

Charts: SierraChart for futures charting 

                Metatrader 4 for spot forex

                Tradingview for stocks and crypto 

Execution: SierraChart & Broker Platform. Sierra Chart has a remarkably simple Depth of Market and has attached bracket orders to make it easy to input and cancel orders quickly.

Squawk: Free squawk from FinancialJuice as I don’t trade figures. The head’s up before key news is useful, as well as for unscheduled news on the fly.

News Feed: Twitter news list. FinancialJuice has a built in feed if you don’t want the distraction of twitter.

Journalling: Edgewonk / Evernote. I use Edgewonk for the number based statistics. Evernote is a good place to keep annotated screenshots and written notes.

Website:  (link gives £5 bonus) with plugin.

Here’s my Sierra Chart dashboard:

8 Replies to “Tools I Use In My Trading”

    1. Only way I can think of is if you just put two charts next to each other, never managed to find anything better

    2. If you want to undock a chart in MT4 and put it onto another monitor , you can try MT4 Floating Charts ( )

      I did try the demo and I remember it working fine, if I recall in the end I didnt go for it as I felt it was not needed and current work situation has forced me to use one monitor.

  1. What size monitor do you use for your Sierra layout? I use similar tools, charts, footprints, dom, etc and I have this weird quirk that I have to be able to see everything at once and with some detail or I get very stressed out, so I am wondering what other people use for monitors. I am considering something like a ultrawide 21:9 like , but its outside my budget right now.

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