Top 7 Trading Resources: Learn How To Trade

A very common question I’m asked is: ‘What are your favourite trading books and resources to learn?’. I’m going to reveal my top 7 trading resources.

It’s a very difficult proposition. There are droves of books on trading but often they don’t focus on how markets work and how to build your own strategy. Countless books and websites are out there, which are the best?



Here are my top 7 trading resources, which I think have the most value:


  • – Tonnes of free and paid material outlining everything you need to know on markets, can patch up knowledge with single videos or go for the full course. Tom has shaped my foundation on markets. Can be applied to all markets and timeframes.


  • – Adam has made a free video course outlining market movement basics among other essentials. This is an extremely good look into some statistics behind trading as well as an overview of the structure of markets.



  • – Blog filled with lots of infographics and handy free tools. They have a trading course too which is highly rated as well as lots of YouTube videos on markets.


  • TraderFeed – Extensive blog focused around trading psychology by arguably the leading authority in the field, Dr Brett Steenbarger. Regular updates provoking deep thought into trading as a business and how to regulate your mind and emotions.


  • YourTradingCoach – Price Action blog filled with considerable material, which can be adjusted to most styles. Lance takes a look into pure price action in his blog, as well your trading mindset and trading business. If you want to learn about market structure and the meta-game, YTC is the site for you.


  • Edgewonk – If you happen to have the Edgewonk journal, their YouTube channel is an essential resource. Even if you don’t have Edgewonk, just a proprietary journal, you can still gain tonnes of value on journalling. These guys are the industry leaders in trade journalling. My repellant price point and trading with high RR articles are a direct result of my Edgewonk findings.


These are the resources which I believe I’ve had the most value from, and continue to read to this day.

There are of course other sources of information out there, which I’ve either not read or haven’t directly applied them to my trading.

You can get profitable with just these 7 resources, if you put the work in.

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